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Thursday, December 14, 2006

RIP my luv...

im still in deep sorrow. one of the things that i precious most, have left me. i dont know how will i face my day without her by my side.

when i returned frm worked yesterday, i saw her laying quietly in the room. everything looks as usual. then i gave her a gentle touched her. try to turn her on, but there is no respond.
i started to have strange feeling. again, i try to wake her up. she's not moving. i'm afraid my worse nightmare had come visiting me, and at this moment it is so real.

no, i'm not letting her go just like that! i try to resuscitate her. practising all the skills i had learnt. up to the point i tried the riskiest act, i cut her open.

i tried everything but with no avail. she's gone for good. oh God why did you this to me. after having a good time last night, you took her away. im gonna miss her forever, she has serve me for the best 6 years.

good bye my luv. rest in peace my PC...!

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taqiyuddin bakir said...

tuh nak belik pc baru la tuh