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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Who are more lucky?

Today i joined a Community Projects, organize by division. It was the second projects in the year and the target was special children from Perstatuan Kanak2 Istimewa Hulu Langat ( and orphans from Yayasan Sunbeams ( The children and us rendezvous at Saloma Bistro for launching ceremonies, lunch and some games before group excursion to Aquaria and KLCC Petrosains. The orphans went to Petrosains and the special children went to Aquaria. The special children suffer from a wide range of physical and mental disabilities including cerebral palsy, hyperactivity, autism, blindness, down syndrome, global developmental delay etc. They come together with their guardians and each of us are assigned a child to take care. The games (or rather call show) in Saloma Bistro was very exciting. It was clearly translated in the face of the children, their guardians and us! Kudos to the 'clown'. I'm not a really hardcore welfare volunteers, or else my weekends will be filled with all sorts of volunteerism works, but i do believed that we all should give some time and money for this minorities. Its just like zakat which is a compulsory tax to those who are eligible, as stated in Quran; And in their wealth and possessions they remembered the beggar and the needy (al-Dhariyat (51): 19).

I salute those who volunteer for their concise mind and hard works for those children. They children may never thank them, but i and millions other Malaysians will.

Looking at the face of this children, i had a mixed emotions. Should i project a gloomy looks to show that i'm sorry for them and their parent, that i understand what they have gone through or should i be cheerful enough to put their misery away and have fun for the day. Well i choose the later.

They children may not remember my name, heck they don't even asked, they don't care who sponsored the project, they will forget where they are, what they did and how much trouble they gave us (the guardians)..... but thats the whole point, its not about us but about them. We are there just to make sure we gave them, let say one of the best day in their life. While at the same time i manage to make new friends in other groups who i never met before, thanks Nikon in my hand. A good ice breaker.

When i looked into their eyes, there is a thought crossed my mind. What would it feel to be in their body? what if i can exchange with one of them, just like Freaky Friday movie. What does it feel to leave all the real-life problems behind, have no or just lil bit emotions, no financial constraint, no love life, no life planning, no stupid assignments, no screams from your boss, no politics and there is always some one to take care of you. Everything is back to basic, eat, sleep and pooh. So who are more lucky those kids or me?

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