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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Butterfingers is alive as ever

check out this 2 gigs coming this weekend and next weekend. it would be great if i can go the one this weekend, coz next week i'll be in Kelate.

lets see whose available to pogo.........


CremeBrulee said...

Dude! We went, I didn't see your post in time. Tapi kurang satisfying la. We didn't get our recommended dosage of 1.2 milligrams of butter.

whoishe said...

Hallamak Bro, aku x pegi lah...ada weddings and couple of family chores..hehehe.

This week pulak aku balik Kelate. so gonna miss another Butttergigs. Aku rasa derang main lagu Melayu baru derang tu kan... 1.2mil is a distant memory.

Anonymous said...

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