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Monday, August 11, 2008

intimate relationship with iPod

I just had a new toy. An iPod Touch to be exact. Yes....envy me guys, I'm holding one of d coolest gadget in the world after iPhone. Thanks to my beloved sista who sold this stuff at steal price....hahaha. She got it for free kay.

This is a superb devices, full stop. Those guys at Cupertino really knows how to design keel stuff. "yo guys at Redmond llisten up". I was drooling over iPod for a long long time ago, but the holes in my pocket preventing me frm get hold on it. Month ago before I had this ipod, I purchase an ipod nano BUT not for me, its for my luv's birthday. Beli utk awek dulu tu. So when I got d offer frm my sista,I just can't resist it no more.

Btw I'm blogging with my iPod now. Muahahahaha

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