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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ilman is growing up

Its been a while since i last updated Ilman's progress. There has been alot of happenings ever since.

We as a family no longer live in P18. There are couple of families moved out...before and after us. Our next door neighbour Che Wan and his doctors' wife moved out 2 months before us. They are such a good neighbour and a fellow kelantanese. Every time they returned from a holiday or trip, they always bring something back for us. They have 5 kids(or is it 4...can't remember for sure) but youngest one is the only boy they call Amat. They moved out to their own house in Damansara.

Next, there is a man called Piyan lived 2 house away from me. They just moved in for less then a year when Piyan's wife get an opportunity to do Masters in the UK. A family before them also moved out to further their studiesnin the UK, that was Safri's family. Though they lived only for a short while..but Piyan was never short of his warm friendship. I attended both his coming in and out doa selamat.

Then came our turn. We moved out on 3rd of August...a few weeks after Hari Raya Puasa. ( I stopped at this line 3 or 4 weeks ago, and only now been able to continue it).

Back to our new home stories, it is a semi D in Kajang district and within municipality of Sepang but just 5 minutes from Alamanda.  It was a big decison back then when we decided to pu our signaturs on the dotted lines.  the following topics will be covered on a separate post, InsyaAllah

1. Home financing for dummies (like me)

2. Kontraktor ohh Kontraktor

I know i havent write anything about Ilman yet. How about in next posting?

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