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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dad i love you...

I can't remember when was the last time i said this 3 sacred words to my father. Its not that i don't want to or i'm being 'anak kurang ajar'...but..our relationship is kinda complex. I know taqi would understand coz what happening to him is the same as mine. I respect my dad, i love him, i adore his strengh and determination to raise his family to be something that he can be proud of, he taught us all about good and bad, he become a good role model and everything that i can imagine. However when it come to relationship (read: communication) there is some gap between he and me.

We seldom talk. Most of the time we talk during lunch/dinner, family gathering and when he pick me up from bus station/airport and we only talk some basic Q n A.
Q: "Ramai org dlm flight"
A: "ramai..flight full"
Q: "make doh ko"
A: "Apih make roti jah tadi"
...and stuff like that.

We are like stranger though i can be very talkative with stranger... well i tried to show more of my 'care' to him. This raya i have a very special present for him... a Motorola Razr v3. I guess this is the first time i gave him such an expensive present, frankly i'm very seldom gave him present. Mostly i bring something for the whole family like choc when i get back. This time its gonna be personal. Smthg specially for him.

I got this phone from a competition that i enter at my work place, though its free its not that easy to win it. At first i have an idea to give it to a friend for hxx birthday but thinking of it, i should prioritize... its gotta be My Father First, since i dont have a mum anymore.

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iceroll said...

dude. itu la ego namanya. ego seorang bapa terhadap anak lelakinya, ego seorang anak lelaki terhadap bapanya. tp ko jgn risau. bapa ko tau ko sayang kat die. Dad's always know stuff like that.