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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Inflation in Malaysia??

Taki- weh aku dah balik la. Bukak puasa UTP ko gi tak... jom la memeriahkan majlis.

Inflation- if my mind doesn't fail me, is define as a power of buying among consumer getting lower. Well i think that was taught by Mr ...errr demmit i forgot that Economic lecturer name. Because i'm not satisfied with my owner, i dig down google and found out a more 'economical' definition.

In economics, inflation is an increase in the general level of prices of a given kind. General inflation is a fall in the market value or purchasing power of money within an economy, as compared to currency devaluation which is the fall of the market value of a currency between economies. General inflation is referred to as a rise in the general level of prices.

well not bad huh with my definition. It complex to talk inflation as a whole but lemme give a simple example, when i personally feel infalation in Malaysia is getting high.

We are now in Holy MOnth of Ramadan, anywhere we can see 'Pasar Ramadan' crop up like a mushroom after rain. I went to one of this PR to buy stock of carbohydrate, fat and protein for my 'bukak puasa'. At one stall i ask how much is the 'kueh', this kueh is like jelly thing, org kelantan panggil 'beleda'. That sweet stallowner simply said 'seringgit tiga'. What??? seringgit tiga for that kinda small piece of jelly. I don't normally do groceries, but last time i remember that jelly should cost only 20c per piece. Maybe i'm being ignorance previously.

So what is the value of 10,20 cent nowdays.Nothing? except to make a local calls. I usually have to fork out almost 7 bucks for every 'bukak puasa'. 3 bucks main course, 1-2 bucks drink (3 bucks for a jug of sugarcane drink), 2 bucks for 2 diff kind of 'kueh'.

iNFLATION rate for Malaysia in 2004 is 1.3%. That mean prices for various product have rise 1.3% from previous year. If you got your annual increament of 7%, in reality you only get 5.7% (7-1.3). Well it doest make a different for a low and middle class ppl like me and you??

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