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Friday, June 30, 2006

Nad and His Wife

From left:Kimi (what the heck is kimi doing in the pic),Nad & his wife (Lin).

Darn i've been very busy for the past 2 a BIG event in my office called World Cup Extravaganza..its eating up my time, energy and also money!! this blog has been idle ever since. Now the shop is open back.

Went to Nad's wedding on 18/6/06. Me, Kimi + kawan kimi (apa nama dia ntah), Wari (a.k.a. Ayoh), Pian + fiance.

What a suprised when a long lost friend showed up..... Mat (a.k.a. Mat BDR) and his wife. There's been some riff between Mat and the rest of the group, but i guess time heals everything. We chit chat and joking just like the gool ol' days.

Big kudos goes to SARIP.....why? I never imagined that Sarip is coming to that wedding from his office in Kelana Jaya to Nilai on a Bike. I was like...."wow"...i know for sure he went there not just for a plate of Nasi Minyak(i think dia amik dua), BUT as a friend...a good friend.

Nad and his wife look very luvely, just like a couple made in heaven. Although i must admit the color looks kinda irratating to my eyes...hehehhe...

There was also Seraf, Irsan and Fido. Where is the others? I'm expecting more ppl to show up, but i guess as we grew older ppl are start busy with their life and couldn't make time for wedding ocassion like this. I remembered during Paul, Kimi wedding, we can easily get 5 cars full of friends = 20 ppl.

After i got back i receive SMS from Mat which read "Akum po. Just nak bgtau yg seronok dapat jumpa dgn ko n the others. Lama betul tak jumpa ya. Hmm, kalau ada apa2 aktiviti lepas ni nanti, jgn la lupakan aku k. Ok bro, do keep in touch and do have a nice day ahead aite bro!"

Did we abandon him? not any more.


marshmallow said...
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marshmallow said...

OMG Look at Nad. Maybe i haven't seen him for ages but he trimmed down tremendously.

NorkamalLatif said...

thanks chepo, ingat gak kenduri kawen aku... btw, hari tu aku datang ke kenduri nad kat INTI tu.. mungkin awal sangat kot.. takde rezeki jumpa korang semua..