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Sunday, January 21, 2007

pc resurrection

> Hi Y'all
> Since my died a few weeks ago, i was kind of
> cripple. Although there is always silver lining
> after every storm. I do met with new tools that now
> to be my liking, named Slax .
> I'll wrote the whole affairs with slax on my next
> post.
> Anyway, i'm kind of dissapointed with the mobo that
> i bought in lelong. Actually there is only 1 part
> that dissapoint me...It doeesn't have an AGP slot
> for my Graphic Card. I was expecting that the
> built-in VGA should suit my needs, but when the
> videos on The DaVinci Code start to jerking and the
> CPU usage spike up to 100%, i realize this build in
> thing is not up to my standard...DAMN.
> ----- Message truncated -----

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