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Monday, February 05, 2007

what a day

today i have to take the staircase to my aparment unit at 12th floor. the lift is out of service.....damn. why today of all the days in the year, and worse both of it.

when i reached home, my legs are almost give up. it almost cramped (no, i'm not exaggerating). i'm so damn tired, it feels the same as when i'm running in road realy in secondary school. i hate physical exercise....hahhaha... but since it compulsory by our education syllabus, i had to submit.

anyway. i hope tomorrow morning the lift will works (hahha dream on whose gonna fix it at nite).


iceroll said...

tak kawin lg lutut dah out ke chepo. hehe

whoishe said...

hahaha biasa la sarip.... "dah lama dah" (baca macam intonasi mahathir masa nak resign)