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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gigit kasut tu....

A few days ago, while having my lunch at Wisma Central (that old building infront of Avenue K), Jabar, my colleague came over with a frown face. He then slip out his feet from his shoes. The shoe shine like it was just being taken out from a display in a shopping mall. It is indeed a brand new shoe.

Apparently, this fellow doesn't feel comfortable with his brand new 'property'...its killing his feet. Then come the interesting part, my other colleague said..

"ko tak gigit ke kasut tu masa beli?"

I was like, huh, why would you bite that shoe...i never heard such statement before. Actually it was a petua (that i never heard), that you have to bite the brand new shoe you bought before you wear it, else it will bite you!!

hahaha really interesting, i'm sure Jabar gonna bite and chew that shoe afterwards..hehe.


CremeBrulee said...

Yeah, sounds weird but I heard the exact same thing more than once myself.

Apparently if you don't gigit the kasut first, the kasut will gigit you. Sounds a bit dumbass, but I know a lot of people who actually do this very thing. I guess some urban legends die hard.

Leanna Nawi said...

I'm quite surprised that u actually didn't know about this 'gigit kasut' thingy before. I knew bout it quite sometime ago, but it's just a myth to me.