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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Beginning midnight today, which is already passed. All petrolhead in Malaysia gonna pay RM 2.70 for RON97 petrol. The highest in Malaysian history, but its not gonna be the last.

I managed to save a few ringgit, by queueing at petrol pump for about 45 mins. I heard there are people who queue up to 2 hours... damn dawg!!

The government asked us to change our lifestyle, what is our options, the stupid public transport, the ever expensive car price (including proton), etc. They don't practice what they preach, look at all those 'corrupt' ministers, politician and businessmen alike, flashing their proud Germany or Italian Marque, which gulping more petrol than average Malaysian and now they want us to change our sorry-state lifestyle.

I say change the government.


CremeBrulee said...

Funny thing is, weren't these the very same idiots who promised that they'd keep oil prices down if we voted for them? I don't really follow Malaysian politics, because it's too full of shit to sift through.

But I happened to read something interesting in an email today. Basically it said: "If you want the people to pay real world oil prices (i.e. no subsidies) then the people also expect to pay real world car prices (i.e. no bullshit tax)." According to this guy, the tax that we pay (for a honda accord, that's around RM50k) would be much much more than any subsidy that they can give for the duration of that car's life (assuming the car can be used for 15 years, at 60 liters a week). Now that's a thought.

Anonymous said...

can up the price????