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Monday, January 05, 2009

In Less than a month

In less a month i will crossover.

Crossover from bachelorhood to familyhood.
Crossover from a life without meaning to a life full of responsibilities.
Crossover from a loneliness to happiness.
Crossover from a total freedom to a freedom without boundaries.
Crossover from a comfort zone to a uncharted territory.
Crossover from a member to a leader.
Crossover to many great/mysterious/happy/unhappy things...

All in a month time. Dear Allah guide me to righteous path. Ih Dinas Sira tol Mustakim.


casturie said...

lepas lalu flyover ni, life will be changed.wishing that ur life will be better & berkekalan spt yg ko hope tuh.. yg penting jgn lupa kwn deh, setelah ko ade kawan sejati nnt..surely we'll miss the bujang life, mcm aku skrg, but no regret coz life is going to be better... " aku ur best fren before"

whoishe said...

Thanks Dear Casturie my best fren before.