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Friday, February 12, 2010

Its Friday English

Untuk santapan kita semua. Semoga mendapat berkat darinya.

On the house
If you get something for free that would normally have to be bought,
especially in a bar or restaurant, it is on the house.
On the lam
If someone is on the lam, they are hiding from the police or authorities,
especially to avoid arrest or prison.
On the level
If someone is honest and trustworthy, they are on the level.
On the line
If somebody's job is on the line, they stand a very good chance of losing
On the make
If someone is on the make, they are trying to make a lot of money, usually
On the map
If a place becomes widely known, it is put on the map. A place that remains
unknown is off the map.
On the rebound
If someone is on the rebound, their relationship has recently ended and
they are emotionally unstable.
On the right foot
If you start something or set off on the right foot, you get off to a good
On the ropes
When something or someone is on the ropes, it or they are doing badly and
likely to fail.
On the run
If someone is on the run, they are avoiding arrest and hiding from the

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