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Thursday, June 03, 2010

I thought i had a secure system.

After i bought this Toshiba, i never tweaked the registry, until recently.

When i run the regedit, the registry windows opened for a while then automatically closed.

hmmmm...thats weird, so i thought.

Same things happened when i launched the msconfig. It opened up and closed by itself.

Maybe there is some sort of policy settings, that preventing it to open. I'm using Windows 7, so there might be some settings that i'm not familiar with. So left it like that.

After a few attempt, i still can't get it worked. I begin to feel worried. I googled around and the results wasn't pleasing, there are strong indications that a naughty virus may have causing it.

But my trusted Avast haven't report anything. Ok, maybe Avast is not good, lets try something else.

For the past few weeks, i've been tweeking, searching, updating, downloading, cleaning using all sort of tools. I've tried online scanning tools from McAfee, F-Secure, etc etc.

Until yesterday, when i downloaded Spybot - S&D. S&D stands for Seek and Destroy for those who didn't know. So i ran the detection process and walla!!! the culprit that is blocking my regedit has been detected. It is called Mr

I immunized the system to prevent the same mishap happened again.

Kudos to Spybot !!!

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