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Saturday, July 16, 2005

lazy Saturday

i woke up at 3.30pm today...hell yeah. i stay up untill 5am last nite, playing my GT4...won several cars though..hahha. during shower i had this sudden urge of about eating KFC. so after praying i put on my fav bermuda pants and checkered shirt then i went to KFC setiawangsa. Not many ppl.

Grab value meal #3, consist of 2 pieces of HOT N SPICY chicken, 1 coleslaw, 1 whipped potatoes and a piece of bun. I have an option to add a glass of softdrink for 1.40..but heck i can buy that at 'kedai runcit' at my home for 1.30 (without 5% gov tax). hahhah. I do not know why KFC is alwiz come with diff2 meal for the last a few years. well i guess their menu is also in tussle just like their board of directors tussle. shame on them.

and i think that TOMYAM KFC is totally suxx.. Tomyam + fried water and oil dudes. If you wanna good taste of tomyam you should go either Kg Baru or Chow Kit (behind pizza hut), the serve the best tomyam in town. serioussly.

Then, i put on WE WERE SOLDIERS dvd and turn the volume hi. while watching that action + moral packed movie, i enjoyed my piece of chicken. Finish watching at 6 and now here i am writing this 'stupid' thing.

well tonite, got my regular Badminton exercise...uhhhh gotta move my body and muscle.

till then. have a lazy weekend.

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