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Monday, July 11, 2005

MondayNitethophobia v1.0

hellu....arrghhh ni malam isnin, i alwiz have this moody feeling when its monday nite (yes it is monday nite not sunday nite according to Islam time, when it is sunday, the nite time will be call monday night). get it!!

ok la....well when its monday nite and i have to go 'Back' to work tomorrow i have this kinda strange feeling, some ppl call it 'mondom', some ppl call it 'monday blues' and some ppl just can't define it. If you notice ppl usually doesn't want to go out after 8pm, so everything must be completed before 8. If you ask your fren to Teh Tarik session on Monday Nite, then the'll probably say "weh...esok kerja la". Its kinda norm that if its Monday Nite then they need to rest at home and 'Reset' their bio clock + mental to get ready for tomorrow challenge(s).

As i am also a 'Normal' person the same thing apply to me, except my cut-off time would be around 11pm. If i'm still out by that time, then i'll be having this MondayNitethophobia, a condition where a person feel nervous, restless, sudden lost of concerntration, lost sense of humor, tired, constantly looking at time, and always find excuse to go back.

heck its already 12pm and i'm still awake... i have to go work at 7pm. Demmit tomorrow is my morning shift.... have to buzz off

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