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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Polish Kete and then....

I had just spend 3 hours to polish my car, DIY. I spend 1 hr to search for that spesific polish mentioned in ZTH named Featherlite at AceHardware Tmn Melawati. Buy 2 pieces of cloth. AceHarware selling that cloth for RM8.99 and i get it at Giant for RM 6.99. Those guy rip-off RM2 from us huh..

The hard labor begin exactly at 4.15 and finish by 6.15. The results was SUPERB, im tellin ya. you can see the glossy finish on the car, just like the wet look of show room car :) i was a happy MAN for about 30 min. By 6.45pm it starts raining.... :( i hope those polish can repel the acidic rain and maintain its shiny looks. well i have to see afterwards...

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