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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Boo Hoo Clapping Songs

I walk alone i'm lonely
Why should we hear your problems
I sit at home i'm crying
Don't wanna know we don't care
My baby gone she left me
Suit you right boy we know it
My world's gone wrong please help me
We have no time no beat it

And everyday we share our dream
And everynight we laugh at thing

Now you don't care
Now you don't feel

So many friends now where they've been
Now you tell me??

Music/Lyric: Joe Kidd

How true is this song could be. Every words reflect the true feeling i felt. A couple years ago i was surrounded with bunch of friends, now... its completely different stories. I can see one by one left me? or is it i'm left behind? tumpat, nad, sudin, abah, piye, kimi, azhar, ijat....those were the days, i cheerish every single moments of it.

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