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Friday, January 13, 2006

Men and Women

Women alwiz remember. They remember how many time you lied to them, what you have done wrong, what they have tell you before. So guys beware of this memory hunger creatures.

Women hate when you forget. They really pissed off if you forgets statistic bout them. Their birthdate, sweet things you have told them, how many siblings they have, where they stay, etc.

Men cherish everything that they do. Thats why men always keep their ol shirts, jeans, shoes, toys, photos. They will relate these memorabilia with event in their life.

Men always think before they act/say as this will have consequences in their future. Since they always cherish everything that they did, they become more cautious in their action. I notice that women can say all the sweets things, promise all the best hope when they in love and simply denied and forget it when they break up. It was like they live segment by segment.

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