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Friday, January 13, 2006

me, irc and regina^

In 99/00 i was actively involves with IRC chatting. Addicted one might say. So there i met this ghurl with nick regina^. She is a kazen to my utp mate. Every night (after 12 is my fav time) if we met, we will chat with each other. I will miss her is shes not around.

It has been going on until one time, she stop chatting and then i stop (i dont even remember when was i gave up chatting). Even so, we still keep in touch through email... On and Off. We exchange stories and updates about each other. Even when i started working in IRIS and she took her Masters we still keep in touch.

Like i said, it an On and Off affairs. Cut story short, i met her couz a few month ago and she suggest i text regina^. I was thinking "ya...why not". From there we started exchange msg until last night i took another steps by calling her. I was kinda afraid (yes i'm afraid) how its gonna go. In the end i spend 3 hours talking to her.

We doesn't sounds like stranger AT ALL. We talk bout a lot of things, past and present. From IRC to email to SMS to Phone. If you ask me whether i feel weird knowing somebody for 5 plus years w/o ever meeting them, i would say not at all infact i feel comfortable with it.

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