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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where have all the good boys gone?

If youre married, asked this question to your spouse. "How many relationship do you have, before you married me?". Relation here is define as anything as long as u speak of 'i love you'. Chances are you will here that women will have more relationship to men.

Ok hang on, we are talking about the 'normal' people here. A fairly beautiful women and a fairly handsome men. Not on the two opposite end of the graph, the superly brad pitly looking guys or a crooked looking guy. You got the main aye?

1. Women will have more than 3 relationship.
2. Men will have less than 3 relationship.
3. Ratio of men to women in Malayias is like 1 men to 8 women (if i'm not mistaken).

So here comes the big questions, with who did this women have all the relationship when their partner doesn't involves in this. The answer is, they (all women) are chasing all this 'player'.

Player is a name that have evolved from centuries ago. During 14th century they may be known as Casanova. Some women labelled thema as 'buaya', 'musang', 'mat romeo', etc. They are what i called fortunate males who were given the charming looks and action beyong their ordinary spesies. It is recognize that this spesies do hunt women for their pleasure, but it is also an underlook theory where female do provoke this 'Player' to like them. I won't indulge too much on this matter in fact (next time probably).

So what happen to all this good boys, back then. From my experience and my friend's experience, men don't generally rush into relationship. They might involves with some stupid monkey love during their primary or secondary schooling but after that they probably don't. They need soo much time with their FRIENDS... so gals now you should know why friends are important to men.

In contrast to women, they are constantly need to feel secure or in the need of companion. Women confess to me that even if they have girl friends, they still need their boyfriend, to channel the enormous amount of emotions that they have. Its true, women are full of emotion and men are not. Does this rings a bell, when your male partner always forget your anniversaries? It doesn't mean they don't love you but their mind is not fully emotional to remember that date. For some it is just a date, as long as he love you, who cares?

wah.... i'm tired already. It is interesting topic, i promise to discuss it again.

Till then.

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