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Monday, September 25, 2006

About a ciggy

Disclaimer: This entry is NONE about promoting of smoking cigarette. It just an insight of the smokers life...

Ciggy; cigarette; rokok; krontip (rokok siam), refer to the same thing, a stick with a processed tobacco in it with a filter in one of its end.

Operating Method: lights one end without the filter, inhale a bit to make sure the fire caught the tobacco and walla!! you're ready to go. Putt the ciggy off before it caught up the filter.

When i was about to go to work today, i heard the DJ (Khairil and Kiran) were talking about giving up smoking in Ramadhan. As usual, we smokers always have this thought when it come to Ramdhan. It 'seems' that it is the best time to stop, i know a few who prevail and also a lot who fail.

I start smoking right after SPM but i've experimenting it before in form 3,4 and 5. To say that it was peer pressure will overly stated although they do become a factor why i did start. To be frank i cannot stand the smell of the smoke when we used to hand out everyday after SPM. People used to say "If you can't beat em' join em'", that is what i did and now i have to say i regret it.

Another problem with me is that i like to try new things, and when i try 'bad' things i usually hooked up and it damn hard to stop. Thats why don't wanna try drugs, sex and alcohol...... can't imagine if i hooked up on that shite. hmmm... well i did try 'ganja' as far as i remembered, maybe twice.

I started with Dunhill (remember the ads 'Gaya mutu keunggulan'),thanks to the gov for stopping tobacco ads on TV otherwise i don't know how worse the situation would be. Dunhill is consider as one of 'kuat' and 'keras' ciggy. The first time i tried it, cause me to lay down on bed...kinda high. Then when i go to MCC (Mara Community College), things getting worse, i can say that 70% of male population there smoke...!! my roomate Sudin smoke Marlboro so do most of the people there, the reason....maybe because it was an American Degree college, so ppl start to change to american style...yes i know its a lame excuse. Now you can see all the student with pack (soft pack) of Marlboro in their pockets.

Move to UTP i started taking Mild Seven, i think Pok Weil is the one responsible for introducing me to this Japan's brand. So i smoked Mild Seven until today. In between i've tried Lucky Strike, Camel, Gudang Garam Suria, Winston, Peter Stuyvesant, etc.

Ok now back to ciggy, when youre young like that you don't really think how bad something could be. You think you're always in control and you can stop anytime, hahah, well after 10 years i'm still hooked up to the tobacco sensation. I think its more on physhological effect, yes the sensation effect. I mean if you eat durian, you can taste it on your tongue and smell it on your nose....wahhh how best is this durian, but when you smoke the 'taste' it actually not there. You can only feel a smoke entering your throat to your lungs as you inhale and coming out to your mouth or nose (if you prefer). No taste at all!!

So what makes this 24.8% smoker in Malaysia smoke is because of the nicotine + other chemicals sensation. Human activity is all controlled by their brains, it make you feel all sorts of sensation, look at Paracetamol (or we call Panadol), does it really cure your flu, fever etc.... i'm no doctor by i think not. Panadol is just a pain killer, it blocked your pain sensation and let your brain thinks that the pain is gone. Then you go to rest, while youre resting or sleeping the body starts to recuperate and you woke up you feel better (sometimes when you're not and you take another dose of Panadol). The point is those who can control dia mind and will can stop smoking.

Will is a big word. You can say whatever you want to, i want to this, i wan to do that, but can you really make it. As for me that one is still beyond reach. I'm weak i have to admit it.

So for the time being i'll still be one of the person in a statistics who contribute to the big tobacco company RM 3 million revenue per month.


Nanot said...

What a shame really. Coz you'd surely be saving a lot of money if you quit. But then again, you do have tonnes of money, don't you?

xyy said...

Bro, got detox nowadays..give it a try.. i goin to try it.. ;)

marshmallow said...

tryla djisamsoe plak.. hehheheheh. sorry, tak membantu!