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Friday, September 08, 2006

....until our path crossed each other again

we say this when we leave our friends. obviously we are at a juction that lead to different direction than our friends, although going to different ways, we hope that we will see each other again.

last weeks i went to KL Sentral and i met my senior in MRSM, both of us recognize each other and both of us doesn't remember each other names. our path crossed again.

while surfing friendster not long ago, i stumbled upon another my MRSM senior, and he was my 'Ketua Bilik'. our path crossed each other again.

i have a bunch of friends in standard 1 (Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Sultan Ismail 1, especially those in class '1 Biru'. When i left the school i hope to see them again and yes i did met them in Form 4 at MRSM PC. They were Payeik, Sede and Peja. Our path crossed each other again.

and i am also amused when one of my collegue in office, did end up in my blog here. no one in the office knows about it, but she did cross the path with me here!!


Nanot said...

Hahaha.....that's why la. The truth is I was googling to search for someone. And that someone's name actually appeared in your blog. So happens that you and I know this person and because of this person, I get the joy of knowing you're a talented writer/blogger!

whoishe said...

who is that someone?