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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

i'm exhausted

There was an event back in office today, EMIT TEAMBUILDING 2006. I was one of the committee members. Sufficient to say the event went well and all the congratulations pouring into, but other people might not realize what does it cost us/me to make it happen. I must say a lot of energy, time and commitment has been put into. Taki dude youre surely remember when we talk about this early this year, one of the ideas was a Treasure Hunt around KLCC, though it didn't happen like that, but the concept of treasure hunt is till there.

I'm so sad that i miss a 'tahlil' for my anak sepupus last night, this is one of the cost. Kay i received the invitation from my kazen a few days ago, a tahlil is going to be held at their house last nite, somewhere around PJ, section 5.

So yesterday, i have planned it to get there by 8 just in time for Isya'. However there was this committee meeting in the evening to finalize all the stuff, its started at 5 and finish at 7, that after i notified them that i have to leave by that time.

Even so, there are so many others stuff that i still have to do that i only managed to leave office at about 7.45 (that is good enuff, i thought). Travel to PJ i did, and i arrive there at about 8 smthg. I don't really know where the house is, except that the address that i have on hand, i had make 2,3 times u turn around section 5 looking for Lorong 5/15E. Suddently i received a call from Cold Storage, i need to make payment for the hamper as i already promised them to do so.

Initially i planned to pay em' at 6, but since the meeting drag up to 7, i totally forgot and just left off. Now one hand on a steering wheeling another hand on my P910 handset and my mind started to rationalize what to do..... At that time it was already 8.30 and i was already late for the tahlil which i do not know where it is. Finally i made a call to return back to KLCC and 'have' to give up the tahlil. Its not an easy one and along the way, i kept thinking what would i think if it was my tahlil and my relatives and friends simply left me because there are busy........

To arwah Nik Li my anak sepupu, i'm guilty for you. I'm gonna pay back by read yassin for your soul. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya dan menempatkannya bersama orang-orang yg beriman. Ameen.

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Nanot said...

You & and your team did a brilliant job. The event was stupendous. But yeah, there was a difficult sacrifice that you made in order to achieve the success you had. That's what life is all about, kan? Joys and perils of making the right choice.