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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm afraid to start because........ its gonna end

I just read this one article in a friend's blog. Here it goes...

Eighty Percent of Success is Showing Up

The only way to start to improve your life is to start.
Once you're sure you're on the right road
there is no need to plan your journey too far ahead.

Don't burden yourself with doubts and fears
as to the obstacles that may bar your progress.
You can only take one step at a time.

You don't need to know all the answers in advance.
Just maintain a clear idea of the goal you want to reach
and the answers will come in their own time.

If you can get up the courage to begin,you'll have the courage to succeed.
It's the job you never start that takes the longest to finish.
Go after what you want and you'll get it.

I have to concur that this is so true, atleast i've experienced it. I just don't want to start because i don't want it to end. I really hate the ending part. but again its life every beginning has its end. Maybe this year i have to really focusing to start...... everything. Have courage.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

dengar macam nak kawin je dude. ko nak kawin dah ke dude? leks luuu.. enjoy life...

there's another good saying..
"life begins at 40" ahah..

Anonymous said...

dont afraid to start...there's happiness in every journey :)

whoishe said...

40 dude.... kalau aku mat salleh ok gak. Ada anak sorang, bapak umur dah 40+ pun dok kilek baby lagi... mengamuk mak aku nanti. hehhehe

happiness in every journey? takde sad ke?