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Friday, January 04, 2008

Strike Three

Three different girls, three different men, three different locations and me. Same incident, same intention (i think??), same feeling and same surprised.

The first one happened in PD long long time ago. I have to admit, i never saw its coming. So it was a total surprised. Took me a while to understand the incident and to react (with no actions) . The second one, i kind of have a gut feel that its gonna happen, not really a surprised, i went well prepared. And also thanks to my friend who were there. Oh ya, it happens in Setiawangsa. The third one happened today. It was surprising, i was caught off guard again!! It happens around KLCC.

Maybe the motives for those three incidents are the same, maybe not. Third time is the charm, right? Maybe its time for me to act.... we'll see.


CremeBrulee said...

Dude, why does this sound so...kinky? What the hell are we talking about here? Somebody fill me in!

whoishe said...

Dude, its what youre thinking. Maybe you watched too much vivid and private collections. It is indeed the opposite of kinky....

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