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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love Hurts

Let me jot this down, before my memory failed me.

My colleague and also one of my best friends since June 2004 called me down for Solat Zohor and lepaking (read smoking) from my office this afternoon. As usual at 3.30pm i went down, expecting the normal chit chat, laughing, tension release session at smoking corners.

Then, this guy 'pow' me one stick of ciggy, though he is not a smoker, sometimes he plays with smoke, so sincerely i gave one to him (without the intention of killing him, though it might!). He looked kusam ( kusut + masam) , but again sometimes its normal for him. I thought it must be the job.

He asked me with joking tone "Bila mau kawen be?". Sort of usual question i lately received. I jokingly answered, "Taun depan lah kot, ko mesti kawen dulu, Dr mesti dah tanya tu". *His gf is a Doc.

Next he slowly whisper to me, to avoid the large crowd to notice, "awek aku mintak break". I was stunned, a statement hard to swallowed and i've been in this same situation before with Tumpaque. The looked on his face is exactly the same as what Tumpaque was. It is bullshit if i say i understand how he feels, coz i will never do, its his story and only him knows it. Being a good friend and in this critical situation i better choose my words carefully, or else i might inflict more damage to the hurting organ (read heart).

I asked him what happened. With a gentle, deep sound he responded "dia jumpa org lain, mamat kelate". While puffing the ciggy like a hustler he continue his stories, seems that his gf met this guy a month ago and there is an affair going on between them, up to the point she wants to break up. My friend wants to marry her if thats what it take to secure the love of his heart, but again the answer from his gf disappointing him.

He even suggest that the new guy cast a spell (ubat guna-guna) to her gf. I couldn't say for sure but i know there are cases like that. It is possible since that guy is a MA (Medical Assistant) at one of govt hospital, if we talk about 'sekufu' , this is absolutely not sekufu case but again sometimes love just blind. It blinded you from everything and sorry to say, that it was always blinded the women.

I know that at this juncture it is very difficult to turn things around, especially when the request came from the girl itself. Men are more realistic in assessing the relationship status. They are not too overwhelm with their emotions and always factoring other considerations. One of my friend just resume his relationship with his gf for 7 years albeit he met a new girl which is as good as the one he have, for the sake of responsibility. Although the spark is almost die, he is committed to bring it up and he cherished the 7 years they had together, plus other factor.

I asked this fellow, to go and see his gf, i even advised him to brings flowers ! just to sweeten things up. They need to talk..... talking sincerely. May the best came out today.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

is that incubus' new album?

Anonymous said...

Men and women take it differently.. thats why men prone to affairs, holding on to many relationships at one time... women most of the time let the relationship go.
Hum...I'd rather be dumped than being cheated...

whoishe said...

Taqi-That is one of incubus singles, i think coming from Grenade album. Kewl songs.

Anonymous-youre so right. I think that is one of the reason why God Almighty gave men the rights to polygamy. I would rather know the truth even if its hurts.

Love hurts...

Anonymous said...

yes. love hurts.