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Monday, March 03, 2008

Kelate is different....

BN gatherings organized by Kelantan Development Council yesterday at Bukit Kiara. It was quoted that 5000 people attend it. This is the only photos shown on The Star, other dailies didn't put any. I doubt it was 5000.

If you looked closely at the middle, there are large number of Indians. Yes there are indians in Kelantan, but BN are also known to bring paid supporters during such gathering. Even Kelantanese are shamed to attend such event. euuww.....

This are photos taken tonight, at PERANAKAN (Persatuan Anak Kelantan) + PAS gathering. It was held in Hotel Nikko. Since it was 5 mins drive from my home, so i went there. To see and listened to Tok Guru advise.

The hall was fully packed, this time no indian were what i mean. They all came here with their own will, no promised of 'duit tiket bas'.

Even my friend who went to UMNO HQ didn't get the promised expected... 'duit kena kebas' by those who are entrusted to distribute

the money. Money politics is rooted so deeply in UMNO it was impossible to remove it. Unless you reform it from top to bottom. Anwar tried, see what happened to him.

Asked anyone who join UMNO, why they did so? the only answer you will get is, "for project lah". Shame on you. Since UMNO-BN cannot be heal (at this moment) from their money-hungry-addiction, a lot of young professionals, executives, teacher, lawyers, accountants, public servants and others are shy away from them. This are the middle class with intellects, who can differentiate between the good and bad.

Even if you went to any public varsities, you can clearly see how popular the oppositions (read PAS) is. Its not 'cool' to support the ruling government.

I'm not PAS member, just a Kelantanese with very clear concise mind. If i am given choice to pick between good and evil, i'll pick good, between good and better, i pick better or maybe between evil and lesser evil, i'll pick lesser evil (of course it is not in this case).

I want a group of people in our Noble Parliament, to fight for the people, to criticize government wrong doing, to checks on government spending, to uphold the truth even if it is not popular, the defend the poor against the power-money hungry politicians.

UMNO-BN keeps hailing their development mantra, thats is their only salvo. They can't criticize PAS-led government with other issues like nepotism, corruptions or the likes, as they are the main culprit. Tok Guru has done a great job as MB. He brings a development inline with Islamic teaching.

I don't want KB to be like KL. I want to eat Nasi Berlauk (or nasi kerabu or nasi dagang) that cost not more than 1 ringgit, even drinks Teh O' which cost not more than 70 cent. Hell yeah, your ringgits has more value in Kelantan.

Who says that we are deeply poor, those propaganda by RTM, is really hurting Kelantanese hearts, as it is full of bull-sh*t. We are the state where cash is always our mode of transactions. No credit cards. As Tesco, Mydin and other shopping malls can concur, if you don't believed me. Our people, especially women are known as traders long before British set foot in Penang.

A non-executives (those with only SPM) can live comfortably in a bunglow in Kota Bharu. Where can you find this kind of example. We are not lacking at all, in term of development. We don't want so called development, that can ruin our way of life.

There is no other state in Malaysia, like Kelantan. There is no other people in Malaysia like Kelantanese, we dare to be different. Hey its been 18 years. It has been a history of itself, they should put it in SPM text book, hahha i doubt its gonna happened.

God Willing, Kelate will remain under Ulamak leadership.


taqiyuddin bakir said...

Hell Yeah! Even the national anthem is based on Terang Bulan!

CremeBrulee said...

Kelantan is pretty awesome. Reminds me of this thing I read once about the beauty of the Kelantanese dialect.