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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The People has spoken

A few days before election i designed the poster on the left as sort of last minutes propaganda to counter BN attacks on my beloved Kelantan (it was never published though). I have to say, i was scared that Kelantan will turn blue in this general election. Mass media played non stop propaganda promoting BN to the masses and some spesific 'advert' targetting Kelantan.

Even KJ with his usual arrogant and over confident style, launch a special '18 Tahun Pade Doh' campaign under the umbrella of Pemuda BN. The pressure given by the ruling goverment was so huge. Even Nik Aziz and thousand of Kelantanese held 'solat hajat', asking God Almighty for help, during this difficult time. It makes me feel obligated to came back to my home town, cast a vote against BN. Thats all the rights and power that i have. That is my voice.

That was last week. Today, everyone in Malaysia and our neighboring countries knows what the result was. THE PEOPLE HAS SPOKEN. To my shocked many of them speaks the same language as me. No, we don't want BN anymore. The people are sick
and tired of the lies. The people don't want to see their hard earned money being gamble by those who walks on the corridor of power (term borrowed from Raja Petra). The people down below is suffering, the rich becomes the king and the poor becomes the slave. They had enough. They brave themselves to cast for uncertainty, unchartered territory, unwritten history. They demand change.

Frontpage of NST on 9th March showed the picture on the right. The Blues has been beaten with The Greens, Reds and Cyans. I never expected it, BN never expected it, everyone never expected. But one thing for sure, everyone vote on what they believed and want.

The People Has Spoken. So government, i beg you to listen....


pierre said...

then I know the reason PAS huge win in Kelate in this election is due to many kelatenese like you came back to Kelate to 'save' Pas.

Good job bro...

nklz said...