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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm back in Houston for the second time, after the first trip back in 2005. Boarded MAS Airlines flight MH 094 at 0940, that only took off at 1040. I'm gonna be here for about 1 week, returning home on 4th Aug. The whole week, beginning next Monday will be filled with workshops, forums and teambuilding event. Its gonna be fun and exciting.

After took off from KLIA, we landed in Taipei for transit. To my suprised as i was walking towards the exit gate, i heard a loud knocked on a glass wall besides me. I turned around and saw a very familiar face that i haven't met for quite a long time, he is Ulat Master or now known as Captain Hafizan.

He is going to be First Officer on board MAS Airlines bound for LA. The very same flight i'm in. :D well its gonna be a reunion thousand feets above ground. I've spend a few hours with Pijang talking about our lives. Btw, Pijang just got married to a Sabahan and i miss that ceremony. This guy is as the same as he use to be, either back in MRSM or UTP. He speaks in Ganung slangs and me in Kelate slangs. The point that you know someone will determine how you gonna communicate with them, its not gonna change, despite what that person has become. Just before we landed in LA, we chat again before he head off to the cockpit.

Arrive in LAX at about 1.30pm local time. After a long queue for immigration clearance, i was again had to go to Interview Room. I don't know what kind of terrorist traits inside of me, makes them pick me up. There is nothing much happen in the room, as the Custom and Border Protection officer busy checking my data. They asked me several questions like "Where do you works?", "Where you gonna stay in US?", "Give me your home address?", etc. Inside the room together with me, is MAS flight steward. I chatted with him (to kill time), he mentioned that he is also the lucky one. Gonna be pickup everytime he arrived in US. So i guess i'm not alone in this scenario...hahah.

After about 1 hr, the interview ended. I rush out to answer my nature calls that i've been holding for the past one hours....relief. I collect my luggage and rush to Terminal 6 to catch domestic flight to Houston. Luckily the flight that supposed to fly at 4.30pm got delayed to 5pm. Not much rushing for me. Again killing time at terminal 6. Grab Starbuck Mocha Frapuccino and went for smoke.

One good thing about business trip is that, you get the opportunity to fly Business Class....sweet huh. From LAX to IAH (Houston International Airport), i'm boarding Continental airlines in First Class. It took about 4 hours to get to Houston. By the time i arrived its already 10pm. I'm already damn tired by this time. Collect my luggage and went out.

Suddenly a man greet and asked me if i need a cab. This guy is a Palestinian who had been living in Houston for the past 15 years, making a living driving taxi. Anyway his car is not a normal taxi, but a Limo. Ohhh great. His name is Ayser and we chatted a long the way, mostly about our Brotherhood, if you know what i mean.

There are 2 Marriott in uptown Houston, one is Marriott and the other one is JW Marriott. Both are just about 2 miles away. Ayser drove me to the wrong Marriott, i should have stress JW to him. Anyway at about 11pm i'm at the front desk of JW Marriott checking in. My room is 1923, waiting at the lobby for the lift with my totally exhausted and dehyrated body, when the lift door open, i met a very familiar faces. 2 of my colleague from Malaysia are here too, thats great. I'm not gonna be boring this weekend. Gaddafi, Akmal (new hire) and Azrin are going to be my buddies here. :D . We already plan for Hooters outings...

Today (Thursday), i'm resting in my hotel room after the jet lag. Tomorrow i have two meetings to attend to.Till then, stay tune.


AskarJahat said...

naik business class?kau patut try economy, kau boleh experience 20 hours of new kind of flying and mencarut about it..

he/ said...

takpolah tima kasih....selagi keje kat sini, mungkin tidak.. :D

AskarJahat said...

por, levis por, 501 selai, 505 selai, pinggang size 36, panjang ikut patut2 lah, balik KUL aku bayar....