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Monday, July 02, 2007

Transformers - a childhood memories?

The hippiest things in town now is definately Transformers movie. A movie based on a cartoon series back in 80's. The cartoon was on the same league as He Man, SilverHawks, MASK, Thundercats, Saber Rider (and the start sheriff), Ghostbuster and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle among others. Those who were born in the 70's and early 80's, will surely recognize all these cartoons, unless you didn't sit infront of tv at 5.30pm. I watched this much anticipated movie, today at Times Square. I miss the beginning parts as i arrive late....demmit.

Besides the title and character's name, watching the movie is a wholly new experienced and not a 'flash back' of the memory of the show at 5.30pm. One thing for sure when a cartoon is brought to the silver screen, the producer/film maker will try to make it as real as possible, whereas a cartoon supposed to be a fantasy. Don't you remember when your mom say "..tu cerita kartun je..." she is trying to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

In the movie, the character looks very complex compared to the original cartoons. If i'm currently a 6 year ol' boy with no prior knowledges of Transformers, then i would say the movie character is Kewll, but since i am me, i prefer the cartoon more!

Anyway, the overall flow of the movie is very good, there are variety of emotions among human and Autobots, the action and weaponary are real, actors and actresses play their roles well, the GCI was fantastic as if your brain may interpret it as REAL and the heroin is simply hot.

I would suggest y'all go and watch this movie. It would be a money worth spend.

The original Optimus Prime. Very Kewll!!

Optimus Prime in the movie adaptation. Not Kewll !!

Remember He-Man, "By the power of the GreySkull, i am He Man"

Thundercats: Lion O, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, WillyKit, WillyKat, the charming Snarf and Jaga.

Coming soon to silver screen.

Who can forget MASK.
M : Mobile
A : Armored
S : Strike
K : Kommand

Ghostbuster. Remember Slime?

Saber Rider!


The ever funny Ninja Turle.

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