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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Sun, The Moon and I can't sleep

Tried to sleep but i can't. My brain is still up and running, with all sorts of things flashing in and out. I rolled over many times, trying to find the best positions and still i couldn't find one. I woke up and wen to the kitchen, took a spoon full of Breacol. I'm hoping that codein effect will make me feel drowsy and sleepy.

Wo wo, i'm not an addict.... just i'm just trying to sleep. If you watch Fight Club you know how suffer an insomnia can be. At lest i didn't have my own Tyler... yet.

Can The Sun and The Moon rise/set together?

They complement each other, but they can't be together. Unless its kiamat day.

"Matahari tidak mungkin baginya mengejar bulan, dan malam pula tidak dapat mendahului siang; kerana tiap-tiap satunya beredar terapung-apung di tempat edarannya masing-masing. [Yasin36:40]

Dia bertanya (secara mengejek): "Bilakah datangnya hari kiamat itu?" Maka (jawabnya: Hari Kiamat akan datang) apabila pemandangan menjadi terpendar-pendar (kerana gerun takut), dan bulan hilang cahayanya, Dan matahari serta bulan dihimpunkan bersama.
[al-Qiyamah 75:6-9]

Maybe we complement each other but can't be together

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