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Thursday, May 18, 2006

the last supper

Tonight for the first time in about 3 years, sit together me, Nad, Kimi, Pian and Sudin. Nevermind about Tupac, Abah, Azhar and Ijat as they live far far away, although it would be very nice if they were around.

We went to this Kelatanese/Siamese restaurant in Pandan Perdana, called Arafah. Had 2 bowl of Tomyam Campur, 2 plate of Kailan Ikan Masin, 2 plate of Daging Goreng and a plate of Telur Dadar, simple yet very yummy to all of us compare to fine dining course at any reputable restaurant in Klang Valley.

There must be something going on, when Sudin is around. Yes it is. He together with Nad was there to pass to me and the rest of the group their wedding invitation. A honorable and memorable ocassion if i may say, The Last Supper of those 2 bachelors with me.

They can be consider as second wave to get marry, after the first wave of Tupac, Ijat and Azhar. I feel happy, excited and at the same time kinda sad knowing that they will no longer spending time with me and the rest of the group but alas we are 27 now and its about time each of us to surrender our bachelor title and move on in life.

The atmosphere was warm but not as happening as it used to be whe we was back in UTP. There are a lot of jokes, laugh, stories, gossip and fun back there. That was the day.

Pian have engaged and now only me and Kimi are left. Hmmmm...will i be the last man standing? i personally have thought about this a long time ago, but now it seems really happening. Nevermind, there is nothing to regret, looking back i always like to accompany any of my friend to the last. Yup i do. Its not that i planned to do that but i guess it always happen like that due to my mind-set "i'll never leave my friends behind".

Take for example, back in UTP; when we (housemates) going out for class i will always check that no one is left behind with the exception to those who prefer to sleep than going to class (Pian). Normally i and my pillion rider ride the last. Same case when we are going out for a lunch, dinner or 'minum'. I'll check whose going and whose not and i only left when i'm sure no one else is following. Dialogue like this always coming out from my mouth; "weh..tupac pegi dok?", "mana abah?", "piye jomm la minum", "lekss dulu Nad", "sapo lagi gi..?", "gi dulu...aku tunggu tupac", etc.

Sometimes i do feel my action is stupid, and i do feel hurt when no one wait for me in some ocassion. Now maybe i should think about relationship and the like, as everyone else have move on and there is no one else left behind.