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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Story of the HOUSE


You have a house
You decorate it to your liking...although it might not look goods to others
You govern it by your own rules
You love it so much

That is your retreat
That is your history
That is your life
That is where you shelter
That is where you feed your family
That is where you grow your family

One day YOU wish your children will become the head of that HOUSE when youre gone


one day some distant friends come and want to live with you
You let them in
You let them sleep in one of your rooms
You let them eat in your kitchen
You let them bath in your toilet
You feed them together with your family

day to day
week to week
month to month
year to year have gone by

Will you allowed your friends to
Decorate your house
Govern your house
Love your house like it was his
Claimed the house!!

This is what happen to palestine and singapore
Will it happen here? only YOU can answer it.