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Friday, May 19, 2006

loyalty vs stupidity

Here i am at 12:53am sipping quater full glass of coke, while inhaling my fav mild seven. (those 2 things gonna kill me soon!!)

i just realize that i still maintain my 10 year old hotmail account while at the same time utilizing yahoo!! mail and gmail. Maybe for some ppl they just gonna abandon their ol email when they have a new one. well some people just keep on changing their phone no.. i can't do that. i just love all the memories surrounding all things that related to me, be it email account, phone, no, notes book, pic, shirts, address books etc.

thinking deep down inside, i guess i'm kinda a loyal type of person, loyal to 'anything', even if i have something 'new' that ol things are never left behind. hmmm that bring me to another conclusion, i might be polygamous.... :D dont worry i'm loyal...

is loyalty a stupidity?


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