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Saturday, May 06, 2006

>>Symbol and their importance<<

Why does every groups/parties/movement/organization/companies/religious group/etc must have their own symbol?

check out here for list of religous symbol. imagine if they don't have the symbol? wat it gonna be? what if it doesn't have a name?

ok try this, imagine "sebuah pertubuhan kebangsaan untuk orang melayu malaysia". Kinda hard isn't it, can't imagine what 'kind' of thing it is. But how about imagine "UMNO" (at the same time UMNO symbol/logo/flag will flash in your mind). So this name + symbol represent/summarize the whole group.

According to Oxford 'Minidictionary' (yup, i only have mini dic); symbol n. thing regarded as suggesting something;mark or sign with special meaning.

Now it make sense huh! so every groups/parties/movement/organization/companies/religious group/etc who want to represent themselves to the general public 'SHOULD' have symbol.

p/s: i'm gonna come out with my own symbol.

Disclaimer: i'm not an UMNO member, their name is use just for an example.

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