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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

who is Projek AK?

Back in 90's during the hey day of grunge/alternatives/underground (uuuhhhh i really miss that era), everytime you bought an cassette from underground band and flip through their kinda kewll cover you'll arrived at credit section.

From what i noticed (at that time), almost ALL underground bands will give credit/special thanks to this Hardcore (i think there hardcore)named Projek AK. Too bad that i didn't take initiative to explore who this band really are, and why so many bands gave them credits.

Even when i'm googling today, i still can't find anything bout them.... well after this years they probably stop playing gigs and perhaps have a wife and daughter that they love so much, doing 8 to 5, have bigger tummy, worried about their finances, sleep at 11 and so on. whatever it is i give my salute to PROJEK AK!!

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