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Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm now broadband user...yippie

I'm happy chap today, today i'm blogging in style-with-broadband. Yup i just got my streamyx access after 2 years of bitter fight with the ISP. It was a sweet victory indeed, an anti climax as well.

In my story I'm not OK , i've pour
ed my dissatisfaction with what i consider a huge shame to TMNet. My housing areas which is within city center, a few km radius from Celcom HQ, UTM KL and Mindef; was a black spot, no broadband connection. So unacceptable. The crusade start after i submit my second applications.

I've contacted , the complaint dpt under MCMC (Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission) to voice grievances. I'm sceptical that something gonna happen, but as you witness today after 1 years it did happen. Its not a smooth sailing though. I have to credit success to one of TM Manager Pn Hasnah, who handle my case personally. She even goes extra miles by giving her mobile phone no and email to contact her. For the past 6 months we are constantly communicate with each other. Hasnah thanks...!! I'll send you a complimentary email.

Yehaa.... gonna 'qadha' what i've missed from the net..

Let see the facts n figures of this new connection:
From Jaring bandwith meter


taqiyuddin bakir said...

kewlness, so i'm guessing modem tuh ok huh? kewl

Anonymous said...

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