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Sunday, November 19, 2006

my new toy.... p990-The Ultimate Phone

I got my P990 3 days ago, after Nik return from Singapore. According to Nik its gonna burn a hole in my pocket in the sum of RM2400...ouchhh!

I bought this phone because i'm considering to jump into 3G bandwagon for my broadband access, at the point when i decided, TMNET streamyx access is still not available at my house. I only been told by my sis that there was streamyx bills on Wed, when Nik already bought the phone. Else i might not have bought this beauty with brains.

Its funny thinking about it, suddenly both of your wish come true, is it blessing in disguise or curse in disguise. Anyway, i'm happy toying with this phone, although it is still bugs prone, but hey i'm used to Windows...hahhaha.

I've update the firmware and now its running on
-Phone: R7A001
-Bluetooth: R4F01
-Organizer: R3B01
-CDA: R3B01

so far its running 'ok', with some minor crashed. It is recommended you install app Swiss Manager to better managed its memory.

I've also Master Reset it (with hoping to kill one of the bugs) but it end, up i lost the best preinstall game, Vijay Singh Golf Pro 2005. Please note i did Backup the phone (i'm not that clumsy), but when i've restore it, its not there anymore....... :(.

Wrote complaint note to Sonyericsson, after searching software on the net with no avail. I hope they can do something about it.

I'll write more about this hunny, next time!!


iceroll said...

RM2400?? Biar benar. Aku ingatkan price die around RM3500. Anyway write more about it, am thinking to get a PDA phone myself.

marshmallow said...

hmm.. + another 1k you can get a D80 body. Are you going to grave that dream you had??