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Monday, November 27, 2006

Remember the good ol' days - Part 2

Yes, yesterday i went to butterfingers gigs at KL Jam Asia, Sri Hartamas. The gigs was entitled celebrating 1.2 milligrams 10th anniversary. was there with 3 of my frens, ah send, pok nik and jeli. there i met with hussein, tungkai and, taki and fiance.

KL Jam Asia is located at 2nd row of shop lots besides Sri Hartamas Fire Dpt HQ. It was kind
a of small cafe at 2nd floor, not quite a 'comfortable' place to held such a 'big' reunion.

when i arrived i see a number of crowd outside there. most of the faces looks like there are in mid 20' and above. although to my suprised i can see a fairly young 'kids' with their My Chemical Romance-emo/gothic hairstyle among the crowd. the first thing coming out of my mind was "hey kids you don't belongs here, this is grunge thing, you were sitting for your UPSR when we were rocking". hahhaha... there were some familiar faces that i've seen in the early days of gigs. You guys still rawking kewll.

so what is all the fuss about this event. i don't know about others,but for me its because of 1.2 milligrams album itself. let say if they held gigs for 'Selamat Tinggal Dunia' album or 'Malayneum', i might not be as excited as i was. 1.2 was the single most successful, repectful, major label released malaysian grunge album. The year was 1996 the same year i took my SPM. I still remember how did i knew butterfingers, it was my juniors in MRSM (can't remember his name). He gave me his butter cassette and told me "Nirvana Malaysia". i put the casette in my Walkman and yes they sounds like Nirvana, but hey all the bands in late 90's play this seattle sounds (grunge). all the kids (yes i was kid back then) are into this grunge thiggy. Those who were born between mid 70's to mid 80's would certainly love this music. They were teenager in 1996, full with teenage angst, rebellious and one of the music dose suitable for them is buttermusic. OAG was in the scene prior to butter, but they suddenly lost their fan base because they 'sold out' in other word they no longer 'underground'. well butter also did they same, they sign with major label (EMI) but i guess their commitment to the fans and underground scene, makes them more appealing than OAG.

ok back to the gigs. once in the cafe, we settle down besides the sound mixer machine. there was this guy with his dreadlock hair manning that machine,which later i found out he was Batak from 18SGG, another big name in underground music. and then there is another guy who looks like he just wake up from bed coming in with his mixer and ibook. plugin those two hardware on the sound machine. later kadak and the drummer (i'm not sure who he was, i don't think he's kalai) arrived. the crowd begins to give huge hurrah to em'. energy begins to built up. later arrived emmett, with another huge cheer.

emmett start rawking with 10db, a high pace songs which the crowd begins to mosh hysterically like they've been holding up this energy for the past 10 years; a guy even start to stage dive. next here comes naive sick chasm, by now the crowd begin to sing a long. emmett voices was submerged and replaced by this loyal crowd who really missed the good ol' days. i'm not sure whether butter played all their 1.2 milli songs, but those that i recalled was nicc o tyne, wet blanket, ugly, me, sober (my all time fav) and chrome (another all time fav). the end their show with, as usual, vio-pipe.

later butter had a photo session cum fan's conferences. one person asked emmett, whether their new album will feature the grunge/seattle sounds, like 1.2 milligrams and emmett's answer struck me deep inside. he said something like this, grunge is like one excite part of your life. it was fun. now they have move on to their new sounds. I concur with him, it was an excite part of my life, thats why i was there, to revive that excitement, and i did. life goes on, there much more things in life than grunge, but alas i'm happy to be part of it.

kudos to this die-hard event organizer

butterfingers.... keep on rawking!!

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