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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Honor Among Men

A man should never crossed other man's relationship. If he did, he is committing one of the biggest sin in manhood. This code of honor have never been 'officially' written in any manuscript/books/journal/magazines/etc, but it was pass down from generation to generation through other informal ways.You should always respect a relationship space between a two couples and should not ever jump/crawl/walk/runnning/swim/dive/enter into that space. That space is like a chartered area, protected......virtually. Some still purposely and/or unwittingly ignore this code of honor and went into that space and the consequences will be....disaster.

Yes, a total disaster if there is third party in any relationship. Have NOT history thought us very well on this matter...or we just choose to be simply being ignorant and arrogant? Don't you know about Qabil, Habil and Iqlima (women) story? Let me give you brief introduction, the rest you can read it elsewhere. Qabil, Habil, Iqlima and Labuda were all Adam and Eve children, the last 2 were women. Allah ordered Adam to married Qabil with Labuda and Habil with Iqlima. Qabil rejected that proposal because he prefer Iqlima which is more prettier than Labuda ( men were very affectionate to beauty). Cut story short, the triangle strunggle betwen Qabil, Habil and Iqlima ended with a FIRST killing on earth. Qabil was the perpetrator. There was always victim in love triangle and the winner will also be a loser according to the men code of honor.

Some women activist will cry foul at me. They will say this is unfair, let the best men win. Well to be honest i think they have misused this 'unholy' axiom. If the girl is single and available (are there status of single and not available...??) then you(read: women) may cheer 'Best Men Win'. It is always a competition among various type of animal (including homo sapien) to fight for their mating (read: loving) partner. BUT, if youre already engaged (including 'declare'/'couple'/'engaged'/'married') and still shouting for Best Men Win, i think YOUre absolutely absurd and selfish. I despise you. be continue