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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shame on UMNO Youth

KJ has won UMNO Youth Chief contest.

UMNO really never learned from its mistakes. This year assembly slogan 'UMNO Transformation' can be thrown in a garbage bins, based on that results. A huge let down, not to the pure UMNO Fighters, but to thousands if not millions Malaysian who want UMNO to change.

I never really followed UMNO election results, but today is different. The result of hot seat of Youth Chief is something that many people wants to follow. From Radio Bernama, i listened to the telecast. It was estimated the results will be out by 9PM. Then after sending my father in-law to LCCT at 9.30, there was still no results. Back to my house at Putrajaya at 10PM, results for Wanita Chief was announced, Shahrizat won. As expected.

Then i switched on Astro Awani, where they have live telecast of the assembly. Still i patiently wait for the results. Then came the results for Puteri Wing, ok whatever i'm not interested. Then at about 11 something came the results for UMNO Youth. I saw Khairy sitting at the stage, i got a bad feeling already, where is Mukhriz. Then when the Chairman announce Khairy win, i feel devastated.

Yes why should i feel that way, when i'm not an UMNO member at all. Wrong, i'm still Malay and Muslim. UMNO is a Malay(Muslim) party. Who helms it dictated my lives and your lives directly. How could someone with so many misdeed won. He even found guilty by the disciplinary board a few days before, but was let off just with a warning (double standard??). So now you have someone who were guilty of corruption (i guess) but win the party polls. So did he bought the votes.

Firstly he should have been barred from contesting when he was found guilty, just like Ali Rustam. I don't really understand Kudin (Tengku) explainations, but i guess he was saying that the magnitude (read money) of KJ case is less than Ali, so thats why he was just been given warning.

I work for a oil and gas MNC. One of the pillars of this company is controls and integrity. Punishment for falsifying a record can go up to separation. Regardless if you lied for 10 ringgit (meal claims) or a few thousand ringgit. There is a case an employee were separated for a mere few ringgits. So now how can UMNO, the biggest party in Malaysia have a double standard for the same offences. This is the kind of things that make many Young Professionals (including me), who have a sane mind so dispise with UMNO.

Well maybe i was wrong, maybe KJ is not a bad boy after all. Maybe Tun Mahathir was wrong, maybe RPK was wrong, maybe a millions of Malaysian who vote for PR was wrong. Who knows? only Allah Almighty knows.

As the youth celebrate KJ win with so much joy, like Malaysia winning Thomas Cup (i wish) they sang 'Inilah Barisan Kita'. Shame on each and every face of malay youth, my own kind, who betray their own people for money. Well i may be wrong again right. The tribe has spoken, lets wait and see how KJ will lead this pack of tribesmen.

Deep down in my heart, i wish Allah show em' the right path. I pray that they will fight and struggle for the ummah in Malaysia. May Allah answer my prayer. Ameen.