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Thursday, October 19, 2006



UTK SEMUA..........

Note: yeaaa...aku akan blk ke kg malam ni (InsyaAllah lepas sahur). Kota Bharu....that is where i belongs..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

HowTo Bullshit

1. Think quickly. If you take too long, people are not going to believe you. The first thing that comes into your head is probably not the best choice unless you are used to bullshitting... but after a half second, you should have about three or so thoughts, one of which will work.

2. Make sure it's believable. Use information that you already know, and extend it just beyond the realm of what you know.

3. Any version of the popular 'Trivial Pursuit' games can provide one with a great source of bullshitable material. Simply read the questions and their associated answers. This store of useless, but true, knowledge can provide the perfect platform on which to build a great bullshit tale. There's nothing like having just enough knowledge to be dangerous!

4. Say what you say with confidence. If you say "um" and "stuff" nobody will believe you. If you say something like "In reality the sky is actually green", you can convince someone if you only say it in a tone that makes it seem true. It is only afterwards, when they think about the logistics, when they realize it's false.

5. Don´t forget to use the phrase,´at the end of the day´, to highlight your conclusions .

For other HowTos, go to ------> Here

Sunday, October 08, 2006

kisah butang baju melayu

I just returned from Tarawih prayer at Surau Ansar in my apartment. Something weird happen there.

Before Imam start the Tarawih a middle-age person approach me and handover a brand new 'butang baju melayu'. Yes this night i wear my cream colored baju melayu, the first time in this fasting month and yes i didn't put the butang on, on purpose. I was lazy to put on the butang as i was rushing to get to the 'surau'.

I was speechless, don't you if the same thing happen to you. So i took it and put in my pocket as Imam was already start the takbir. Then this guys gentle said "Pakailah..". I gave a gentle smile in reply.

Then i have to move away from him, to fill the 'saf' infront. In between the Tarawih i took out one butang and put on.

Before i left the surau i met think guy and shake hand with him as a sign of thank you.

The weird of this story is, how many people went to pray with additional 'butang baju melayu' in their pocket, and then give it away to people who are lazy enough to put one on?

I'm still in shock.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

why professional use white lens - Canon propaganda

Taki dude. Now i know why professional use white lens (read Canon). Back in 90s when professional photographer began to use AF zoom cameras, both Nikon and Canon introduce this type of cameras to the market. However Nikon AF couln't focus FAST enough to satisty the demand of quick action in sports. They lost to Canon ever since and haven't recovered yet!!

But overall Canon and Nikon are likes Merc and Beemers, both are good and quality products. Read here for more info.