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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

By this time, all the the dust has settled down. My sweet Yana, is now my legally wedded wife. All the hustle bustle of the weddings has gone. The damage (read money) is done...hehehhe.

If some of you wondering how did the wedding ceremonies went on, i'll summed it in one word 'perfectly'. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have involved in the weddings, especially my beloved parent. Without their helps and others, it is impossible for me to brave the big day.

If you guys would like to get a glimpse of that day, browse to or to Yana or My facebook photos.

Now a new chapter has begun. A different kind of life, that promised everything. Asked those who have married, they will know. One of my friends, told me that marriage is a mystery, there is no one rules that fits all. The journey will be different for everyone, but alas i beleived as long as the foundations is based on Islam, everything should be ok.

P18 is now my new home. It's my wife's quaters. It's a semi-D house and its really big for the two of us. We will get our own house, when we have recovered from the damages (above).hehehe. Below is googlemap of our hse, so that you know where to head, when youre coming here.

Gotta go, my wifey is calling.