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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ohhh nak main ye...

No communication in one week. Lets play this game!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Training at Amcorp

I'll be out of office for 5 days attending technical (read VB6) training at Amcorp Mall. Well i've learn VB6 back in Uni but hey i'd left this stuff for nearly 4 years... i need refresher b4 i went back to coding (hope not!!).

Well as long as company pay this training can also be considered as holidays in a training room. Unfortunately as no one standin for me back in office (well i'm the only person in Malaysia who handle this roles!!) so i guess i still have to check my mail every now and then...hmmmm talking bout responsibilites huh..


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laughter the best medicine.txt

Last Friday (31/3/06) i had a really good time with my friends. I used to have this kind of 'activity' everyday when i was in college. Hang out and laugh out loud.

That day there were Adlan (topic maker/topic heater), Sarip (victim/topic maker), Dato Nico (seems more serious since he joined PTD), Black (topic heater), Zam (topic maker/topic heater), Nad (audience), Kimi (audience) and me (audience/topic heater).

Well this is how the activity is conducted. First topic maker will start a particular topics, usually story about how funny something have happen to victim(s), then topic header will add some seasoning to that topic to make it more funnier then the rest of audience will laugh out loud to that jokes. As simple as that but it is very very pleasing and good for stress theraphy. We laugh so loud until we cough...hmmm imagine that.

We spend 4 productive hours at 'Kak Mah' a thai stall infront of SME Bank Kg Baru. Oh ya, before the session start we did have a pretty damn good dinner; bowl of Tom Yam (tasty), ayam masak merah berapi (kewll), kailan ikan masin (as usual) and telur dadar (also as usual). You need to have stamina to laugh right.... :D

The irony of this activity is that you will still laugh at the same jokes over and over again...(just like what happen when your repeatedly watch P Ramlee comedy).

Well guys, thank you for making my day.

p/s: i wake up the next day with headache!
* i wrote this 2 weeks ago but only managed to upload it today, coz modem screwed up again...damn.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Its good to be home.....

yeahhh, kawe kelik kelate.

dekat 5 bule doh dok kelik, rindu giloss dekat tanah tepat kelahire kawe ni. Selamo ni 'parent' kawe hok dok sokmo singgoh KL.

tadi jupo ngan jiming + awek dio dan payed. pahtu gi tengok tomoi kat pade skoloh islah. wpun kawe doh sini sejak kecik lagi, tapi sebenarnya kawe dok beso pung tengok tomoi jadi 'experince' tadi pun kinda kewll jugok.

esok plan nak gi bazar, cari bare2 hok nok wak kelik kl. ciao.