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Thursday, December 28, 2006

are men cruel?

throughout history men had always been accused as being cruel to their
partners(female not male okay!). Is it true?

I think it does but in most cases women are just dont understand the
sacrifice that men did. When you asked women "what they want?". You could
possibly end up with 2 answers, they either donno or they want everything.

As funny as it may sounds, that is the fact, all because men n women have
different emotional and brains 'wiring'. That is how God created this two
creatures. To complete each other.

Ok now back to my story, referring to entry I HAVE TO MAKE AMEND. I had
come to conscise that everything gonna back to normal. She will go back to
her beloved bf (good for him) and ill go on with my so called DULL life,
full stop. I hope that she would understand or at least try to understand
what i did.

As when things have calm down for the past few months,i think i have pass
over this episode(its kinda challenging episode if i may say). Then
suddently last nite, i received sms frm her. The same thing that happen mid
this year unfold again. Ohh man, not again.

Tomorrow she wants to me. Let see whats gonna happen. Maybe i shld use diff
approach this time.

Women, listen up. Most of time men are being cruel to be kind.

Friday, December 22, 2006

island in the sun

i went to PD for some business works. stayed at Corus Resorts Hotel since Avillion Hotel is fully booked. My colleague said Avillion is much better, and i should think so after my experienced at Corus.

My comments about Corus:

  • They cancelled my bookings without checking with me first. A very very bad first impression.
  • A small elevator for guest. Waiting time is long.
  • At one point there was no waiter to served me at Dickson's Coffee House.
  • Toilet is not very clean.

Anyway, i had a nice view from my room. Look at those gorgeous coconut trees and man made lagoon. *picture taken with P990

Thursday, December 21, 2006

taxi oh taxi

*this post is supposed to be published on Wed, Dec 13. When the incident took place.
I'm in a cab now, heading back to my house. I had to take cab coz Putra LRT
was goddamn jam. Commuter cant even get past the auto gate. They can not
let ppl because there is a lot of ppl already at d track. I thnk smthg
wrong with lrt today.

Well luckily i managed to get a cab after walking frm Avenue K to AmBank to
Angkasaraya. Taxis are scarce at this moment, hi demand lo supply. This is
when i heard from the taxi radio "hartamas ke klcc bayar double"

I bet those in hartamas are even willing to 'bayar triple'.

old man in deep thought

"what if..."

Thursday, December 14, 2006

RIP my luv...

im still in deep sorrow. one of the things that i precious most, have left me. i dont know how will i face my day without her by my side.

when i returned frm worked yesterday, i saw her laying quietly in the room. everything looks as usual. then i gave her a gentle touched her. try to turn her on, but there is no respond.
i started to have strange feeling. again, i try to wake her up. she's not moving. i'm afraid my worse nightmare had come visiting me, and at this moment it is so real.

no, i'm not letting her go just like that! i try to resuscitate her. practising all the skills i had learnt. up to the point i tried the riskiest act, i cut her open.

i tried everything but with no avail. she's gone for good. oh God why did you this to me. after having a good time last night, you took her away. im gonna miss her forever, she has serve me for the best 6 years.

good bye my luv. rest in peace my PC...!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bond... James Bond

I went to lunch at Kg Bharu with 4 'hot' moms couple of days ago. The reason being, my usual lunch partner are all busy with their own agenda. So we all went to Kak Som, the stall with all the taste that i need (read kelantan food). You can have all sorts of dishes there PLUS traditional kueh which is very rarity in this cosmopolitan.

During luch, these moms start to talk about latest James Bond movie, Casino Royale. I haven't watch it, but i have heard couple of my friends commenting about it. But what i heard from these moms (read female) is kind of weird and show how different men and women see things.

They claimed that this new movie is NO GOOD...Well they first point they mentioned is that Daniel Craig is not good looking and hunky as the previous one (Pierce Brosnan). uhukk!!! i choked inside. and then they continue bla bla bla... but the main point is that.

This is very contrast to the comment i received from my male's friends. The first thing they said is, this movie is different from previous Bond's movie. Hmmm that statement enough to excite me to ask "Why?". They said the action are more realistic, he use less gadget to fight that evil nemesis, more rage and more logical!! well that statement is enough to convince me to watch it (though i haven't got a time to watch it). I really love everything about Bond when i was small but as i grew older and start to use my mind, i really don't like Bond's character. He is so cool, even when with facing WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTIONS, he depends a lot on his gadget, his action looks stupid, he always screwed Bond's girl (damm!!) and all the nonsense associate with his character.

Women and Men perspective are totally different. How the weighted things that they see is different. No wonder we complement each others. To those 'mom' who don't like this movie, i suggest you go back and rewatch Lord of The Ring, Orlando Bloom is there!!! hahaha