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Friday, February 29, 2008

a midnight request

i got this message just now:
Aik. Tak tido lg? Emm bole x janji that i ll b the 1st person among ur frens to know ko dah ada gf/tunang/nk kawin? :P

its kinda hard to promise it, i mean if she said she wanna be among the first to know, then i can to that, but to promise she will be the first, it needs a lot of awareness, consciousness and sincerity on my side.

I'll try to come out with 'politically correct' promised.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Of Brownies and Cupcakes

At first there was brownies..... then

comes the cupcake. :D

Ada apa dengan Tiket Wayang?

What is the story behind pair of movie tickets? It can just be a case of two person went for their favorite movie, end of case.

It could also mean the beginning of something big between the two person. Perhaps.

How ironic it is when those two tickets are a month a part. 16th of January and 16th of February. It is totally a coincidence.

2 tickets, 3 persons, 2 different epics waiting to be explore.