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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Total Cost of Ownership

I've just finished transfered my car maintenance bills into a spreadsheet. I guess a spreadsheet like that will be very handy when you want to check which shops are trying to chop off your head and which one give a value for money.

The list cover all repair works on my beauty Mazda 323 Protege (called Lantis in Malaysia). I knew from the beginning that buying 2nd hand car will incurred an additional cost of maintaining it. I like 2 be diff and Proton and Perodua cars are just too common...pardon me. Brand new Hondas, Nissan or other Japs beast are way beyong my reach... Korean car never appeal my taste and i never dream of continental cars.

Ok... so the total cost of maintenance for the past 1 year was RM 6458.

cheap? expensive? i'm not sure.