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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

B 2005


Its time again for every responsible Malaysian Citizen to submit their income tax declaration form. You'll received the form IF
1. You have registered as tax payer
2. You didn't changed your mailing address
3. Youre not dead!! :D

Well i got mine, a couple of month ago and last weekend with hi enthusiasm and determination i'm planning to finish it usual things didn't go as expected. I lost the FORM!!! demmit.

Searching through my so called 'upkeep' bookshelves, it was nowehere to be found.

so for those who lost this 'freakin' form, relaks. You can download it here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Is it good or bad??

I am 26 years 2 months 22 days old and and i have never involved in a relationship before. is it a good or bad sign?

p/s: i'm planning to get married next year. can i?

*duration calculator

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Memory Remains

Last 3 weeks, my beloved computer break down. Suddently all partition become corrupted and in the end i can't boot to window. demmit.

The actual cause remain unknown but the damage is real. I lost everything!!!

Part of my life goes into this tiny white box i called 'kompiutar'. My fav mp3s (from my college heydays), my digital photos for as long as i get hold of digital camera, my valuable documents, my internet fav links, etc..etc...

"When you lost something then only you realize what you had"

I only realize how valuable those data were, there part of digital memory that i've taken for granted for soo many years. I never thought its gonna happen but it did, how fool of me (as it graduated) to be on this situation.

"No, i won't give up. i won't let go all the memories. i gotta do something".

I remember couple years back i manage to retrieve my irc log from formatted hard disk using one 'clever' software called 'lost n found'. Well its not end of road for me...Not at this moment.. yet.

I went to Low Yatt (geeks paradise) on search for this holy software. My messiah. Ther i found this installer 'Easy Recovery'. It has everything from 'Lost n Found' to other software name i never heard before or i just ignored before. With price of tag of RM5 i bought it.

I went to my kazen house to restore it, it was Saturday nite. First try was with Lost n Found something that i've used before but this software only work in DOS mode and need to have boot up diskette. To make things worst, my kaz doesn't have any diskettes.. double demmit.

We decide to pay a visit to shophouses in front of his condos looking for any goods store selling diskette while at the same time went for 'Teh Tarik'. Would you beleived me 7eleven sell 1 diskettes for RM4, whereas you can get a box (10 pcs) for RM10 in any IT stores..this 7e is totally rip off. Although i'm desperately need it i didn't buy it because i don't want to feel like the most stupid person on earth. We scout up and down the shoplots, searching for any cc that selling diskette. There are none.

We went to another areas at Tmn Melati scouting for the diskette, when all hope seems vanished, there was this small mamak good store (which initially i didn't expect to have it) sell the diskette. hurray for mamak!!

Back to my kaz house i start preparing the boot disk and launch lost n found, its already 3am at this time. The program need to scan my hard disk and ETC is another 4~6 hrs. Its better for me to sleep first n see the results tomorrow morning.

Woking up the following day, to my dissapointment (again) the pc hang! Arghhh!! ok nevermind lets just start again, so again i start it all over again and while waiting it to finish, i went for branch with my kaz. Returning back the pc hang again...demmit this stupid pc!! i have to do this somewhere else.

So i decide on sunday to go to Taki dude house. I set an appointment and went there around 10pm. There i decide to try something different, why don't i try another software called 'Easy Recovery'. So i setup everything and then let the system scan my corrupted harddisk, i hope this time it will work. I have to thank Taqi parent for their hospitality, had lunch at their house. It was wonderful home cooked food, something i miss for so long. While waiting the scanning process to complete, i was asleep! yes i am. At 6pm the recovery process is not finish yet, so after 'Teh Tarik' with Taqi i decide to call it a day and i'll return back the following weekend to resume.

Taqi dude mentioned to me that the file manage to be restored BUT the characteristics and properties have changed tremendously, for example 1 of my photos take a space as big as 1 Gig. Mutation i call this.

So last week i went to Pian dude to try it on his kompiutar, to my disbelief the situation is even worst. Estimate time to complete is 4 days!!! are you serious Mr Computer. I didn't go on. Instead i just spend time surfing over there. I should have wrote my blog while i was there.

Now it seems that i'm gonna miss portion of my digital memory forever. Back home, i reformat my hard disk and reinstall windows, and i'm gonna try restoring it at my own ground. Geek call it 'Try n Error' but i call it 'Try n Success' and it did works. I managed to get the sofware to read the partition table, and it manage to display all the missing folders (i.e: gambarku, gambarku2, etc)...yippie. i restored all those folder and that Memory Remains..